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Course plan

(Basic Level)

20xx-20xx Academic Year
Qualification Xxxx (Bachelor's/Master's Degree)

1. Description of the subject 

  • Subject name:                 Code: 
  • Total credits:                 Workload:  (credits * 25 hours) 
  • Year (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th)                     Term: 
  • Type of subject:
  • Centre:
  • Teaching language(s): See the Courses Offered for the list of the language(s) in which the subject is taught. 
  • Teaching team/Teaching staff:
    • Subject Coordinator     
    • Teaching staff         

Other references     

  • Groups:
  • Timetables:
  • Building:
  • Classrooms:
  • Comments:

2. Teaching guide  (Campus Global)

  • Introduction
  • Associated competences
    General competences
    Specific competences
  • Contents
    Contents section 1: 
    Contents section n:  
    n.1. xxx
  • Teaching methodology
    Approach and general organization of the subject 
    Training activities*

  • Assessment 
    Assessment system
        Assessment activities (Bachelor's degree courses)
    Re-sit requirements and process (Bachelor's degree courses)

    Grading system

       DOCExample of assessment activities structure in a subject (DOC, 26 KB)

3. Programme of activities (Aula Global)*

  • Description of the subject
  • Total credits:         Total number of hours:
  • Estimated time spent on the subject: 
    • In the classroom: 
    • Outside the classroom:  

Weekly timetable of learning and assessment activities

Work in the classroom
(plenary, seminar, practical, etc.)
Estimated time Work outside the classroom (time studying, preparing activities, etc.) Estimated time
1st week        
2nd week        
3rd week        
4th week        
5th week        
6th week        
7th week        
8th week        
9th week        
10th week        
Others Final assessment activities      
Total hours